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"The High ROI Coaching was a life saver for me. Candace was able to watch over my shoulder as I traded and right away she saw the mistakes I was making. With her guidance and care I am now consistently profitable!" Carrie G.
"My husband and I joined the Mastery coaching a few months back, and honestly, I'm blow away how much fun trading together is! Before Candace, I was intimidated by all the high tech math I thought was necessary. Silly me! I only trade her simple 'A' Trade Explosion and nail it most of the time! (I'm a better trader than Rick, but don't tell him!)
 Cathy S
WARNING: The High ROI Mastery is Limited To Only 20 People Every 12 Weeks 10 Spots Already Gone



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Jack R.
I just took $150 on 3 live trades on the Q!!!! All Short scalps. I'm done for the day and very happy about it.

See you Monday.
Tommie Lynne
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your system. Just started trading live and made $112.50 on ES trade this morning. I am very happy. Thanks.
Tomas R.
Traded for 1 hour on Crude with 2 contracts made around $350 live money. Rode some petty good trends. Was up $550 then quit for the day. Your system is perfecto!
Georgina W
It's 1:15 PM it's a good time to stop trading with real money, I'm up 420.00 live money for the day.

Thanks for what you do!!!
Rachel S.
First of all,  I can't tell you how much I enjoy learning from and trading with you. You are truly caring, understanding and very informative. I am up approximately 13 points ( I think that is the same as ticks?) this week after trading with you. This is in live money and trading only one contract at a time since I am still a newbie. I have found it very helpful to trade in a group as it is a more reassuring and learning environment.

Thank you for all your help and the information that you have taught me. I still have lots to learn and am anxious to do it with you as my coach!
Jerry  J
I was up 71 ticks live money on the day! 

Thanks to YOU!

The High ROI Inner Circle Lifetime Benefits

The High ROI Inner Circle offers tremendous value for experienced and new traders alike.
Once you become a  member of the High ROI Trading Club, you instantly become a member of a Community of like minded traders who care about your success.
You instantly have access to:
  • The Twice Weekly Two Hour Live Trade Room
  • All Members have Live Mics to ask Questions
  • Our private 24/7 Skype Trading Group 'Quick Daily Wins'
Every session in the ' Very Interactive' Live Trade Room Candace helps you identify when the 'A' Trade Explosion is setting up, calling trades and taking trades herself.
With Candace as your mentor for life, you have the chance for 'Personalized 1-On-1 Interactive Training'.
Members can request a 'Weekly Hot Seat Evaluation' of their personal trading charts and performance review. During the review, members screen share with Candace as she reviews your actual trades and makes recommendations to improve your trading performance.
During the Live Trade Room we trade live price action to practice your skills. Each student takes a turn at identifying the 'A' Trade Explosion before it sets up.
You will develop a keen eye for the 'A' Trade Explosion and learn to identify the highest potential 'A' Trade set up before it explodes.
Your repetition of the entering the 'A' Trade Explosion at the perfect entry price in replay homework has proven to accelerate your learning and retention curve exponentially.
As a member of the High ROI Inner Circle, we leave no man or woman left behind. The 'A' Trade Explosion ks a simple profitable trading entry system you can trust in any market condition.
Having Candace as a Mentor and having the High ROI Trading Club members care about you and your success for a lifetime is priceless.
You will never trade alone again!



I made my first live trade on March 31st. I was getting tired of seeing the inactivity fee coming out of my account every month, so I determined to take a trade in a slow market that I could pop in and out of without a lot of risk. I found this Roberto and though it was close to support, I thought it might also hit support before bouncing back so I pulled the!!!! It worked in just a few seconds and I trapped it as soon as I had some green. It was one contract and I made 9 ticks. It was very empowering to realize that I had just made some real money! I had been so hesitant to get in live because my account is so small...and getting smaller with the inactivity fees...but I was getting between the rock and hard place. I had to do something while I still had margin to work with. 

So now I'm up from $810 to $855, That's 5.5%!! I know that with your system I can pick trades to gradually build my account up to a decent operating level. I also feel that in your trade room I have been through a period of replacing a lot of old bad habits with new ideas that work in real market conditions. It has taken some time because I am a hard-headed Swede, but I am grateful for the new foundation. Thank you so much for the opportunity! Knowledge is power! Thank you,
Pat D.
FYI ---I have turned the corner in my trading! 

Started this week in the red but made $520 in four trades today, 1 contract. Back in the green this week. 

With the 123 Easy Trade system I now place trades with expectations of profit even after large draw downs.
Rick M.
I’m up live money today by $265.

They were momentum trades more than A- trades however they were close to A trades to start and I just picked up on their momentum.

I would have called them out but it mostly happened after the JOLTS news when everything was happening so quickly.
Stephen P.
I made 156 ticks LIVE MONEY trading the Nasdaq and the Russell. I quit trading around 10:30 EST. I traded for approximately 1 hour to make $1,560!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Your system works really, really well.
Marta P.
Just to keep you posted, today I made $2,310.00 live money during lunch!!
Han B.
This is amazing and extremely impressive. I know these charts and indicators are the fruit of many years of work for you. And I know how much it has helped Megan and my family, so I wanted to give you a sincere thank you from me, and my family. 

It is a good person who spends their life in the pursuit of making an impact in their family's life. And it is a GREAT person to make a difference in the world. Thank you for being a GREAT person and sharing your life's work with us.
Mark H.
I've been a student's of Candace in the High ROI Mastery Coaching and there's no way to tell you how much I have improved! I hate to admit that I was wrong, but her intuitive eye for correcting small trading issues that deliver big results got my attention. Watching over my shoulder as I traded live was the real eye opener. You don't have to be right, just win the game! This coaching showed me how to get out of my own way and allow my gut instincts to work.
Spots Are Going Fast So Apply Now Before They're Filled Up!
"High ROI Mastery For Life!"
Thank you, Candace for the lifelong talent I will have forever. Once I learned how powerful the 'A' Trade Explosion is, all I have to do is wait for it. -Nancy J
"So Grateful For This" 
Mastery I lost more than I earned. Now I see how easy it is having the exact entry signal. I am grateful to you forever! -Martin W

"Finally Got Clarity!"
After years of losing trades, I finally found Candace and her High ROI A Trade Explosion. No turning back now! Bernard G



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